Amez Engineers

AMEZ Engineers rediscovered EV Technology for Indian roads and weather conditions. It is different from other's EV. Especially on riding comfort and battery charging technology to enhance battery life to reach 24000 km. Our CSM tech motor controllers specially designed for higher mileage at lower discharge and to prevent battery failures.
Contact name: Mr. Mariappa
Company Information:
Our Electric vehicles have CSM Tech Controller which will provide same mileage for longer time. Also our battery charger are automatic temperature compensated for Indian wether condition. Low CG design so that vehicle balancing is good like morethan 15 advantages than any other ev in India.
Admin Office:-
SM Gauges
No 96, Bethel, Sch No 114, Part 1,
Vijaynagar, Indore-452010
Madhya Pradesh
(00)91(0)731- 4081900 to 999