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Mark Batteries pvt ltd

Company name: Mark Batteries pvt ltd
Contact Adress: Plot 1619, Bavla
Contact person: Mr. Somanathan LG
Contact no. : 099980 22965

MARK BATTERIES PVT LIMITED is a leading technology importer and manufacturer of both automotive and industrial batteries in the organized sector. Through the uniqueness of its technology, design and marketing, MARK has carved a niche for itself in the domain of Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries.
Also, an accredited ISO- 9001:2000 company, Mark has now ventured into manufacturing various versatile battery operated range of E-Bikes. Rising oil prices aggravated by the growing urban population has resulted in higher pollution and frequent traffic congestions which in turn created the preference for smaller and eco-friendly modes of transportation. With higher payload capacity and efficiency the Mark range of vehicles which is an embodiment tailor-made to fulfil this need and the Company has taken a long-term view on opportunities ahead and is continuously making strategic changes to remain competitive.
Mark’s Corporate Office - at par with the pre-eminent of this country - and manufacturing unit is strategically located at Bawla, near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This facility follows the highest levels of eco-friendliness and apart from being built to modern construction standards is fully atomized and equipped with sophisticated assembly lines and an R & D centre. Provision has also been made for the future to build completely integrated in-house component manufacturing. The R & D centre will facilitate Mark’s endeavour to meet the changing needs of the customers with quality products and services. Whilst through a proposed nationwide network of channel partners we will ensure complete and efficient service to its customers.
While, in today’s competitive environment, the Company has been able to successfully negotiate the sharp edges of incessantly emerging challenges through its most treasured asset – manpower – which the former immensely cares for and nurtures to remain cohesive.
Finally, I wish to surmise by reiterating our cardinal precept of growing into a model Corporate Citizen that cares for its customers and the society as a whole. The company is committed to environmental protection and in this regard is continuously improving its performance related to its products and services.
Thank You!

Mark Batteries Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of storage batteries in technical collaboration with a leader in this segment from Thailand and promote it under the brand name of MARK. The range includes 2-3 wheelers, Automotive and industrial segments incorporating an advanced technology, better quality and reliable capability. These attributes has enabled us to be preferred O.E. suppliers with several leading automobile manufacturers as well as in the industrial segment.

Yomesh R Desai, B.E. & M.B.A., Managing Director started Mark Batteries Pvt. Ltd. in with the intent to participate and catalyze the modernisation of India’s burgeoning auto-component market. One of the pioneers in the sphere of Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries here in India, the technology is imported from one of the global players based in Malaysia.
Under his tutelage, Mark Batteries Pvt. Ltd. is managed by an experienced group of professionals with a broad range of skills and expertise. The capabilities of these professionals are critical to Mark’s ability to deliver quality products and value to its customers across the spectrum of our society. Their combined experience allows Mark to add value to its businesses through technical, financial and strategic planning.
“To build the best-in-class - storage battery and battery driven personal transportation - business enterprise through superior products and services that exceeds customer expectations and achieve market leadership while demonstrating high levels of eco-friendliness”

• To develop and deliver supreme quality products and services with a high performance to price ratio to deliver maximum value in order to exceed customer expectations.
• To obtain leadership position in the business category by offering solutions with rich functionality, quality reliability, simplicity in use and cost-effectiveness.
• To create motivating, dynamic, learning and innovation work environment to sustain and drive the talent of the enterprise and to inspire a culture of self-initiative, participation and innovation for employee growth.
• To cultivate high standards of business ethics and total quality management to build a strong corporate identity.
a) Knowledge
b) Focus
c) Quality
d) Persistence e) Pace
f) Trust
g) Care

In course of the way forward since MBPL’s inception certain milestones that have been achieved were:
• Pioneer to introduce SEALED MAINTENANCE FREE batteries in India.
• Built a contemporary sales network of channel partners across the country.
• A state of the art manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.
• Awarded certification of ISO –
• 9001 : 2000 in the year 2006.
• Introduced eco-friendly battery driven two wheelers.
• A thoroughbred team of professionals to support its initiatives.
• The above attributes culminated into MBPL’s emergence amongst its peers as a FORCE to reckon with.
Having successfully carved a niche for itself in the highly competitive auto-components space the company diversified with the aspiration to be a forerunner in India’s transition to cleaner and economical personal transportation.
Thus the AUTO DIVISION was formed to introduce versatile battery operated vehicles. After receiving due accreditation from the Govt. of India - a.k.a. Automobile Research Association of India ( ARAI ) – for all its 4 models as a pilot project it was introduced in the state of GUJARAT. Within a span of 1 year the company was able to successfully rectify a few teething problems are now fully geared to shift into over-drive mode.
With a robust network of channel partners in the state of GUJARAT, MBPL is in the process of extending its reach in the Western states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra and Goa. At the end of its 1st phase of expansion i.e. March’09 the company will have a network of > 50 dealers and thru them will have sold > 30000 nos.
Subsequently, we will proceed to the high potential Northern & Southern India supported by an aggressive advertising campaign thru the print and electronic media.
Finally, all the above initiatives are being lead by a team of professionals who amongst them have over five decades of hands on experience in the automotive sector.
a) To serve the community by providing best quality personal transportation means using renewable energy source.
b) To strongly inculcate ‘Core Values (M7)’ across the enterprise and continuously update skills sets for full exploitation of the new business opportunities.
c) To develop operational harmony with subsidiaries, joint ventures, suppliers and partners continuously engage across the value chain for the benefit of society.
d) To manage and operate all facilities in an efficient manner so as to generate adequate internal resources to meet revenue cost and requirements for new project investment.
e) To ensure maximum economy in expenditure and operations.
f) To earn a reasonable rate of return on investment.
g) To focus on increase in share holder’s value by moving up the value chain.
h) To become a proactive corporate citizen in developing a healthy society.
a) To provide finest quality at reasonable price to customers along with prompt, courteous and efficient service.
b) To ensure prompt and smooth dealings with integrity, impartiality, transparency and courtesy and help promote all subsidiaries, Partners, Joint ventures and suppliers.
c) To develop Employees capabilities and facilitate their advancement through appropriate training and career growth planning in pursuance of healthy and sound HR policies.
d) To develop techno-commercially viable and environment –friendly products and services to ensure harmony in society.
e) To maintain the highest standards with respective to satisfy, environment protection and occupation health in all operations.
MBPL’s management is entrusted in the hands of the Managing Director and the Directors – who are appointed by the Board and operate under its supervision and control.
It is the prerogative of the Management to ensure that the company is run on sound economic principles and with a balanced allocation of resources to support its responsibilities towards the stakeholders.
MARK products and services shall be technologically competitive and apart from fulfilling the needs of our customers shall also offer the best possible value. Our products shall be suiting the purpose for which they are merchandized and will be synonymous with quality, durability, reliability and safety standards.
Our service standards shall be of the highest order and no misleading claims shall be made whilst marketing the products. Customer complaints shall be addressed with courtesy to their fullest satisfaction as well as in accordance with laid down policies and with no additional inconvenience. It will be MBPL’s endeavour to
make available spares and services should there be the need to discontinue manufacturing of any product model.
A proper choice of business partners is imperative for the success of the company and shall be encouraged both in India and abroad with entities which may result in value addition to our products and services while aiding MBPL’s strategic growth plans.
However, associations will only be forged when there is a complete match in the partner’s manner of conduct of business, core values, principles and processes. We shall then maintain mutually lasting and beneficial relationships and respect the interests of our business partners. Our business dealings should epitomize fairness, integrity and transparency.
Also business partners are expected to abstain from doing anything directly or through employees or vice versa in course of their dealings with the company that is not permitted under this code.
MBPL recognizes that its success is – to a large extent dependent on the commitment and support of its employees. And as an equal opportunities employer all decisions are made without any reference to religion, caste, race, colour, ancestry, marital status, sex, age, nationality, disabling handicap, veteran status et. Discrimination and harassment of any nature will be dealt with in the most severe manner.
While MBPL‘s terms and conditions of employment will be competitive and the Human Resource policies shall promote diversity and equity as well as comply with all labour laws and best practices. And on their part employees are required to display high levels of ethics and integrity in every sphere of activity and will abide by the rules and regulations of the company.
Also no employee shall, without the prior approval of the Management, accept employment or a position of responsibility with any other company nor provide “free-lance services”.
The company strives to provide a safe, healthy and ergonomic working environment for its employee and its Business processes and policies will address these issues too.
In the production and sale of its products and services MBPL is committed to all the best practices in minimizing its impact on the environment, prevent the wasteful use of natural resources and safely control any hazardous aspects of our business.
MBPL is committed to be a good corporate citizen not only in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations but also by actively assisting in improving the quality of life in the communities in which we operate.
Our social responsibilities include initiating and supporting community initiatives in areas of health, family welfare, water management, vocational training, education and literacy. The Company considers these responsibilities as not optional and incorporated them as integral to its business plans.