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Electric bike market in India by Mr Girish karnavat , MD of accura e-bikes

This information was shared by Mr. Girish Karnavat , MD of Accura Electric bikes to evhub.biz via linked in group - E-bike Manufacturers Group in Linkedin 

  1. Murali krishna U

    Murali krishna U you

    Owner & Promoter of www.evhub.biz (Budding Global EV sourcing online portal) & www.eeeguyz.com(Edu & Career portal)

    Dear Girish ji 

    We have been in network since long time but getting in touch personally for the first time. 

    I am operating 
    http://www.evhub.biz portal which solely promoting electric bikes in Indian as well as global,. 

    I would like to know , your current sales statistics and your perceptions about EV market in India for next 5 years ... 

    It would be great if you share this information for publishing in EVHUB.BIZ. 

    waiting for your response 

  2. Girish Karnavat

    Girish Karnavat

    Managing Director at Accura Bikes Pvt. Ltd

    Mr. Murali, 

    We are looking at practical and true figures of current Indian markets. Current year 2009-10 will end up with Indian total e-bikes sales at 120K bikes. Every year market is expected to rise initially by 100% and then by 200%. A lots of bikes we will see on the road in coming 5 years, just like bicycles and petrol scooters. 

    As people started accepting the technology and limitations of e-bikes, a definite positive trends has started now. Due to collective efforts by manufacturers, Ads, PRs, dealership networks hard work, people accepting e-bikes in a middle segment between bicycle and petrol scooter. If you see both ends i.e. bicycles and petrol bikes are showing very attractive sales figures. The middle segment of e-bikes has turned now to enter in the high growth curve. Accura Bikes is highly optimistic about the e-bikes future. (India may surpass china in numbers of e-bikes sale by 6-8 years). I hope if we do collectively following things, un matched market boom can be seen; 
    1. Highest and Strict Quality practice. We understand the value of our customers hard earn money and life time saving to purchase the bike. 
    2. Best after sales service and easy availability of parts at very affordable rate. 
    3. Government pass subsidy from Oil company to e-bike company, the portion of savings e-bikes doing on petrol 
    4. Local manufacturing of Controllers, Motors, Batteries and chargers with common standard and attractive rates. This will assure best after sales service and price affordability. Customer confidence on products can be built if all manufacturers come on a common platform. 
    5. Tax exemptions by Govt. like no Excise, VAT, CST, GST etc 
    6. Rapid charging stations at every STD/ISD PCOs. 
    7. Standardization of motors, controllers, chargers and batteries. This will encourage manufacturers to produce parts in bulk and save cost. 
    8. Easy purchase finance facility for customers. Govt. initiative for micro finance. 
    9. Reaching rural market needs. (specially Mileage, weight caring capacity, rough road conditions drive, power, speed and reliability) 
    10. Oil cross 150$ mark.(Not in our hand, but one day this will happened). 

    We are sure above 10 points we will see in near future. By this time technology also enters in to the Indian acceptable maturity phase. We will enjoy the highest ever growth phase. Let us build the Green tech step-by-step and all together. 


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