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Kyushu Island of Japan – The future business destination of Asia

Recently I was fortunate to attend a Seminar on " Semiconductor business today and tomorrow " by Prof. Hajime Tomokage. I would like to share some information about it as I felt it might be useful for many entrepreneurs who would like to expand and diversify their businesses. This article would be useful for entrepreneurs who are looking for business opportunities in Fukuoka / Kyushu Island.

Why Kyushu Island qualifies as potential business hub of Asia.  

The Kyushu region has an area of 42,180 square km accounting 11% of the Japan’s total area and a population of 13.32 million people i.e. 10.6% of Japan’s population. The Gross regional product of the Kyushu region in FY2005 was 329.9 billion USD, which accounted for 8.6% of the Japan’s GDP. It has a total network of around 1000km of express highways along with well developed rail and ports which qualifies Kyushu to be the future business destination.

Fukuoka city is on northern side of Kyushu island and faces the Asian Continent across the Korean Strait, has thrived for centuries as Japan’s window to the cultures of Asian Continent.  Fukuoka city takes advantage of many universities and their excellent research as well as wealth if human resources to further promote knowledge industries.

Fukuoka Strives for an Asian Business hub with overseas partners

 The following are the promoted industries @ Fukuoka

1.       Automobiles Industry

a.       On-board semiconductors

b.      Software development

c.       Development of Auto Body designs, etc.

2.       Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) Industry

a.       Information technology

b.      Development of Semiconductors like LSI

c.       Development of Robotics, etc.

3.       Healthcare, and Welfare Industry

a.       Development of medical equipments

b.      Pharmaceuticals

c.       Projects in field of health, medicine and welfare, etc.

4.       Nanotechnology and Energy Industry

a.       R&D concerning Hydrogen energy & Solar cells, etc.

5.       Digital Content Industry

a.       Game Industry, etc.

6.       Distribution Industry

a.       Cargo shipping and transport by road, sea and air. 

b.      Ware housing industry, etc.

7.       Urban manufacturing Industry

a.       Food manufacturing, Printing

b.      Machinery and metal manufacturing

c.       Manufacturing of electronic parts and devices, etc.

8.       Business in Asia

a.       Overseas enterprises ( backed by foreign investment )

b.      Integrated hub for Asian region

c.       Integrated hub for foreign enterprises in Japan.


Industry making the best use of Kyushu’s potential

1.       The Automobile Industry

·         Operating in the Kyushu region are Nissan Motor Co.ltd, Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc, Daihatshu Motor Kyushu ltd and Honda Motor Co ltd., which manufactures two wheeler vehicles.  Kyushu’s annual automobile production capacity is expected to exceed 1.5 million units after Nissan Shatai Kyushu ltd, constructs its new assembly plant in the Kyushu plant of Nissan Motors in 2009.

·         Toyota motor Kyushu expands its Kanda plant and constructed its new Kurume plant in 2008.

2.       The Semiconductor Industry

·         Semiconductor production is Kyushu accounts 25% of the domestic total and thus it is called as “ Silicon Island “ and is a hub of approx. 800 semiconductor related companies and offices.

·         As a part of Industrial cluster plan led by METI, “ the Kyushu silicon Cluster plan “ is designed to strengthen the competitiveness of Kyushu’s leading industries sucha as semiconductor industry.

3.       The Bio-technology

·         Kyushu, due its agriculture friendly climate, makes up about 20% of Japan’s agriculture production.

·         Manufacture of fermented products made from rice, potatoes has been rooted from earliest times.

·         “ Kyushu Bio-technology Cluster project “ is an industrial development approach which makes the best use of Kyushu’s geographical advantage.

4.       The environmental and recycling

·         In 1960s, while the heavy industries were developing, Kyushu suffered serious industrial pollution.

·         By join efforts of public and private sectors, the region now successfully recovered its clean environment.

·         As a result there are three eco-towns that operate recycling facilities and K-RIP supported under Industrial Cluster project has launched various projects towards creating a recycle-oriented society.


From the facts discussed till now , no doubt Kyushu Island can be regarded as a future destination of Asian business. In order to promote the foreign investment, Japanese government is giving a wide range of assistance to entities and enterprises their business premises in Fukuoka city.  For details of the support programs you can contact +81-92-711-4327





Some useful information for setting up your business in Kyushu Island


1.       Fukuoka Business Creation centre

a.       The centre helps firms and individuals hoping to create new businesses and researchers who would like to carryout advanced researches.  TEL: 092-672-7001 ( http://www.fbcc.jp )

2.       Cyber University

a.       The university was established as a result of collaboration between Fukuoka city and private sector firms. TEL: 092-674-3337 ( http://www.cyber-u.ac.jp )

3.       Fukuoka Electronics & Computer promotion Association

a.       Established in 1986 as an Industry group formed by local companies to promote co-operation among relevant industries and create opportunities for exchange among industries. ( http://www.homepage2.nifty.com/elecom )

4.       Qhushu Embedded Software technology Consortium ( QUEST )

a.       Founded in April 2006, with goal to manage and build a community amongst embedded software technicians in Kyushu.  ( http://www.quest9.org/forum )

5.       Enterprise promotion Division Internation Economic Affairs Department Economic Promotion Bureau , Fukuoka Municipal government, 1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, 810-8620 Japan. Ph: +81-92-711-4327 , email: r-support.EPB@city.fukuoka.jp


The Author is Murali, the Founder and Promoter of http://www.evhub.biz & http://www.eeeguyz.com . Contact me at murali@evhub.biz

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