About EVHUB.BIZ portal and its activities


EVHUB.BIZ, a destination website targeting Electric Vehicles related companies, is uniquely positioned in India's small business market. With our exponentially growing visitors, the majority of which are Indian EV companies, dealers and customers, we can deliver your product catalogues to a highly targeted audience.

Advertising on EVHUB.BIZ

Advertising and marketing of your products online can be done by EVHUB.BIZ team by charging a nominal fee monthly. Please contact us at  mail@evhub.biz.

Site Overview

EVHUB.BIZ is a electric vehicle portal which provides the following services apart from constantly promoting electric vehicles, 

1.     Increasing awareness in people regarding electric vehicles.

2.     Developing supplier database for electric vehicles business directory.

3.     Providing B2B & B2C services. Selling electric bike & spare parts online.

4.     Publishing latest information & articles regarding Electric vehicles & E-bikes.

5.     Helping the end costumers to choose the best EV suiting their requirements.

6.     Motivating entrepreneurs to take up the challenge of mass production of various e-bike components.

7.     Online promotion of various Electric vehicles.

8.     Publishing small EV related business profiles online for free, premier profile publishing and small business website development, helping various businesses to be online and reach their global prospective partners and customers.

9.  Website development for small & medium enterprises. 

Site Traffic

Traffic to EVHUB.BIZ is growing quickly. Our site currently gets 15,000 unique visits and 300+ impressions on a monthly basis. In more common (although less accurate) lay terms, we get over 800 hits to our website each month. 

Target Audience

1.    Indian Customers
2.    Owners and managers of small to medium-sized Indian EV companies; and
3.    Small businesses going through a growth phase.

Our Commitment to Your Business


We will help you reach target audience.


We will work to provide you with the database you need to build and expand your business.


We will create and maintain a forum with an excellent reputation. A forum that has a strong, direct connection with EV companies, dealers and customers.

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