Automotive Plastics India Conference 29th April, 2011, The Lalit , Mumbai, India

The Indian Industry, especially the automotive sector, which is an enormous user of bulk materials, would like a halfway house of reasonably long-lived materials that degrade back into the environment when they are no longer needed. Reinforced plastics based on natural, mainly plant-derived substances show promise of providing this and may turn out to be one of the material revolutions of this century. The automotive industry is in the driving seat of ‘green’ composites because it is here that the need is greatest. Faced with pressures to produce fuel-efficient, low-polluting vehicles, the industry has used fibre reinforced plastic composites to make its products lighter. Therefore we need to have more innovations in use of plastics. Use of thermoplastics offers some relief, as these resins can be thermally recycled to produce new products.

The development and use of engineering plastic and the application of plastic in automobile industry will play a crucial role in extending the scope of plastic from being used in the interior components to being used in the manufacture of the, car-body or structural components of the automobile.

To meet ever-increasing safety ideals, plastics will grow to become the primary material used in automotive engineering, helping to provide both driver and passenger safety. We have the high-performance automotive polymers you need for virtually unstoppable performance in a variety of systems including heating and cooling, air induction, fuel, electrical, electronics, and more.

In the context with all these factors we need to have a platform to promote the communications between the vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, auto parts manufactures, IT, plastics manufacturers and the researchers from R&D institutions and industry associations to discuss the largest potential market in the world, as well as how to improve the technologies, decrease the costs and adopt new materials so as to comply with the requirements on light weight, environment protection and energy-saving.

    Automotive Plastics India 2011” is a must attend and most significant conference on the use of plastics by the automotive industry globally. It is a exclusive opportunity to:
  • Learn about new materials, novel processing techniques and manufacturing techniques, unique and latest emerging technologies, market dynamics, and new business guidelines for automotive plastics.
  • Meet several senior level professionals, key decision-makers, industry experts, business executives, and leading professionals from the OEMs and the numerous suppliers.
  • Discuss and display your company’s strengths, technologies, and products.
  • Develop new business opportunities and explore future collaboration.
  • Opportunity to exhibit your products (table top display)

    Key Highlights:
  • Plastics in engine compartment / exterior and the interior of the vehicle
  • Hybrid technologies for automotive plastics applications
  • Smart materials: Polymers, Additives, Modifiers
  • Safety, environmental challenges and legislative issues pertaining to plastics being used in automotives
  • Composite plastics for greater functionality in auto parts
  • Finished plastics auto parts with innovative color effect additives
  • Use of innovative plastics
  • Adopting low-cost solutions in the selection of automotive plastics
  • New methodologies in computer aided analysis for the automobile plastics components
  • Recycling of scrap plastics in automobile and auto parts
  • International chemical requirements for plastics in automobile and auto parts
  • Raising the capability of small & medium size auto plastics parts manufacture
  • Quality Control criterion of automotive plastics parts
  • Industry associations role in promoting plastics to be used as a automobile and automotive part
  • Development and application and spread for CAE technology
  • How to improve the usage of plastic mould raw material
  • Developing trend of plastic mould and how to choose and apply the related manufacturing equipments
  • Import and export status for plastic mould and how to improve localization
  • Frequent problem and solution for automotive plastic components.

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