CHINA PLUG-IN ELECTRIC VEHICLE FORUM March 10&11 2011, Shanghai, China


---------Improving Infrastructure & Facilitating Industrialization

2 day focused Conference & Exhibition March 10&11, Shanghai, China


China Plug-In Electric Vehicle Forum 2011 with the main theme of "Improving Infrastructure & Facilitating Industrialization", organized by Genesis Resourcing Consulting China, to be held on 10 & 11, March, 2011 at Pudong Ramada Plaza Shanghai, China. This two-day conference and exhibition will gather 200+ EV OEMS, Utilities, Charging Infrastructure Developers, EVs Charging Equipments, Technologies and Solutions Providers, Regulatory and Standards Bodies, Battery Technologies Providers, Components Manufacturers, Application Developers, Consulting and Investing Companies, Research Institutions and Associations to create win-win business models for China EV charging infrastructure economy.


China Plug-In Electric Vehicle Forum 2011 is the only B2B event to create business models and partnership solutions for a commercially viable and profitable reality EV charging infrastructure. It focus on the latest China Government's Response and Marketing Prospect, Charging Standards, Charging Infrastructure Deployment, Smart Charging Network, Fast Charging Technologies, Battery Swapping, Business Models of Charging Station, Smart Grid Solutions, Intelligent Energy Solutions, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Vehicle to Grid, Onboard Charging, Charging Infrastructure Management Solutions, hydrogen charging and contactless charging. It is featured with case study methods, live panel discussions and key-note presentation from China major Utilities and EV OEM, illustrating their business strategies and industry cutting edge knowledges, enlighten delegates with the best, most timely and detailed roadmap to success in 2011 and beyond!


The high-profile event will Confer on the topics below:

1. How the China government financing, regulation and the latest developments in standardisation will support the industralisation of EV charging infrastructure

2. What market models and technical developments the China utilities are implementing to accelerate the growth of ev charging infrastructure

3. Examining practical solutions for commercialising cutting edge technologies including fast charging and vehicle to grid (V2G)

4. Evaluating fast and efficient recharging solutions and viable business models to ensure EV mass market penetration in China

5. How to manage the impact of ev on the grid to make ev charging infrastructure a commercially viable and profitable

6. Discover forthcoming battery technologies for maximum energy storage, lifetime and driving range

7. How smart meters and other intermediary technologies can help with load levelling of EVs

8. Future of EVs technologies and trends including hydrogen charging station, contactless charging


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