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EVHUB.IN has signed MOU with DHIO, Collaborative Engineering R&D involved in virtual product design, analysis, optimization services to auto, aero, rail, power plant and general engineering companies in India, Europe, USA and Japan. The objective of the MOU is to promote DHIO products and services among vast EVHUB followers around the world. 

If you are an engineering company and looking for solutions CAD/CAM/CNC/CAE/CFD softwares, service and training , EVHUB can help you link with the best problem solver. The advantage of going via EVHUB is prompt and quality response, better pricing and good customer service. 

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·         Electromechanical System Design, Analysis & Optimisation

IPM motor 

SPM motor 

SR motor

Axial gap motor

Stepper motor 

Coreless Motor

Spindle Motor

Brush motor

Universal motor

Induction motor

Linear motor

Magnet Shaft Motor 

Synchronous Reluctance Motor 

Piezoelectric Actuator 


Condenser Magnetic head 

Magnetic Shield




Resistance heating

Electromagnetic Forming 

Electromagnetic brake 

Electromagnetic relay

Transformer Reactor 





Inductive Power Supply System 


Induction heating 

Linear solenoid

Linear actuator  


·         Typical Analysis

o    Electromagnetic Field Analysis

o    Computational Fluid Dynamics

o    Finite Element Analysis

o    Fatigue Life Assessment

o    Reverse engineering

o    Prototype making and testing

o    Induction Heating

o    Basic characteristic analysis

o    N-T characteristic analysis /

o    T-I characteristic analysis

o    Thrust force analysis

o    Cogging analysis

o    Braking torque analysis

o    Pull-In/Pull-Out torques analysis

o    Detent torque and stiffness torque analysis

o    Lorentz Force Analysis

o    Efficiency analysis

o    Starting performance analysis

o    Torque ripple analysis

o    Attractive force analysis

o    Inductance analysis

o    Magnetic Shielding Analysis

o    Magnetic Field Analysis

o    Speed Control Analysis

o    Iron loss analysis /Loss analysis

o    Current Distribution Analysis

o    Eddy current analysis

o    Magnetization analysis

o    Demagnetization analysis

o    Eccentricity analysis

o    Displacement Analysis

o    Response characteristic analysis

o    Vector control analysis

o    Positioning control analysis

o    Operating time analysis

o    Centrifugal force analysis

o    Vibration Analysis /

o    Sound pressure analysis

o    Stress Analysis

o    Thermal analysis

o    Temperature distribution analysis

o    Head field analysis

o    Output power analysis

o    Capacitance analysis

o    Surface Magnetic Flux Density

Other than this, we help you in getting solutions for 

  • CAD, Meshing, FEA, CFD Services
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation (Casting/Forging/Rolling/Welding/Heat treatment)
  • Process & Material Modeling
  • Fatigue, Durability Analysis
  • Multi Disciplinary Optimization
  • Multi Body Dynamics
  • Electromagnetic Field Analysis
  • Tool &Die Design
  • Biomedical Services
  • Automotive Control System Modeling and Simulation