Electrotherm ( YO Bykes ) Electric bike models and information

Yo Exl 

YO Speed 

ameterSpecifications *Customer Benefit
  Dimentions (L*W*H)1785 mm*650 mm*1060 mm 
  Motor Power
750W @ 570RPM
1100W @ 500RPM
Higher motor power enables more weight carrying capacity
  Torque45Nm @ 150RPMHigher torque provides better pickup;Higher gradient capability
  Battery48 V, 33 AhHigher Ah provides long range
  Vehicle weight94.6 kgStrong Chaise
  Electricity Consumption1.6 Unit
(if battery is fully discharged)
Low electricity Consumption
  Charging Time6-8 HrsOvernight Charge
  Tyre Width3" X 10"Wider tyres provide better grip and balance while riding
  Top Speed45 Km/HrHigher speed saves travelling time
70-75 km @ 75 kg **
65-70 Km @ 130 Kg
Yospeed has the longest range/charge-the
real no-petrol two seater
  Payload CapacityUp to 130 KgHigher payload enables two seater without damaging battery life

Information source: Yo Bikes official website 
  Dimentions (L*W*H)1880mm * 830 mm * 1240mm
  Motor PowerBLDC – 1800 W peak output power
  BatteryVRLA - 40 Ah
  Units Required / charge 
  (once battery is fully discharged)
2 Units
  Charging Time6 to 8 hrs
  Tyre width3.50 – 10.51 J.4P.R - Front & Rear
  Performance *
  Maximum Speed55 km / hr @ 75 kg
     - Power Mode35 – 55 km/hr
    - Economy Mode30- 35 km / hr
  Range per charge70-75 km @ 75 kg (at Economy Mode)
60-65 km @ 130 kg (at Economy Mode)
  Payload Capacity130 kg