Zhejiang Tianneng Battery Co. Ltd


Contact person name : Charlie 

Contact Email  cntnexport@evhub.biz

Mobile number  86-572-6176088 

Company name  Zhejiang Tianneng Battery Co.,Ltd. 

Company website  www.cn-tn.com

Company profile  We are the biggest manufacturer of lead-acid battery for E-bike in China,with 13 factories and more than 5000 employees. Our technology has been refined with 20 years accumulation and the sales amount ranked the top one for consecutive 10 years in China. 
Products description  Lead acid battery, E-bike appliance such as motor, controller, charger 
Company adress  Meishan Industrial Zone, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, China 

City  Huzhou 

State  Zhejiang 

PinCode  313117 

Country  China 

Landline number  0572 

Product categories  EV Batteries