ARAI Testing and regulations for Electric bikes in India

Detailed Article related ARAI Exemptions, testing , contact details for electric bikes in India

ARAI -The Automotive Research Association of India

In India, for every vehicle irrespective of two wheeler, three wheeler and four wheelers ARAI testing is mandatory. Hence Automotive manufacturer need to test and get their vehicles approved from ARAI for getting on road.
ARAI testing can be for the following objectives
1. For getting the vehicle approved
2. For getting the vehicle exemption
ARAI regulations for Low speed Electric bikes like Hero maxi, Hero Optima, Lectrix e1 etc are as follows
Maximum speed of the vehicle with a single person load ( 75Kg ) should not be more than 25 kmph
Maximum power delivered at the wheel with a single person riding should not exceed 250W power.
At maximum power condition, the vehicle will be tested for 30 min.
Once the vehicle passes the above listed tests , it will be certified for exemption from Licence and Registration. This type of vehicles can be used by House wifes, children below 18 years , old people. As discussed above, the maximum speed would be 25 kmph , hence it is safest and handy vehicle for domestic transport.

Contact details:
The Automotive Research Association of India ( ARAI )
Survey No. 102, Vetal Hill, Off Paud Road,
Kothrud, Pune - 411 038
P.B. No. 832, Pune - 411 004
Tel. No.   +91-020-30231111
Fax No. : +91-020-25434190
Email Id:
International Centre for Automotive Technology
Plot - 26, Sector - 3,
IMT Manesar, Gurgaon - 122050.
Phone - 91 124 4586111
Fax - 91 124 2290005
E-mail :
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