Don't get left behind - Attend Future of Electric Vehicles USA 7-8 | San Jose, USA
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Future of Electric Vehicles 2010 

Don't get left behind as the total market for electric vehicles doubles that for cars. The total market will increase five fold in the next ten years. 

The Future of Electric Vehicles conference covers all types of EVs including land, sea and air - focusing on future breakthroughs.

The components, for example have much in common across all of them, other EV events do little to reflect this. 

Many new technologies will be announced with presentations from all over the world.
Over 40 speakers include:
Kleenspeed Technologies (200mph Formula1 pure EV) will speak and host a visit.
The world's fastest electric motorcycle Killacycle will be there.

Italian car manufacturer Fiat will speak about electrical mobility -
A reality in evolution.
Hawkes Remotes and Hawkes Ocean will explain why it will be possible to make submarines that can emerge and fly as aircraft.
Bladon Jets who have partnered with Jaguar will tell us how micro gas turbine range extenders will help drive adoption of electric vehicles.
T-Ink will discuss how multilayer printed electrics & electronics can save EV space, weight & cost in 2011.
Center for Intelligent Material Systems and Structures (CEHMS) at Virginia Tech will address self-powered piezoelectric and piezoresistive microsensors for future vehicles.
This event also includes an exhibition, masterclasses and visits to local centers of excellence. Keep updated at the conference website the event evolves.
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