Printed Electronics Asia 2010 and WSN, Energy Harvesting & RFID Asia Event Preview

5 October 2010
Printed Electronics Asia 2010 and Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Harvesting & RFID Asia Event Preview
Cambridge, UK

IDTechEx Printed Electronics Asia 2010 and Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Harvesting & RFID Asia are now less than a week away. The two co-located conferences will cover a multitude of topics and will give you access to detailed presentations on these mutually supporting subjects, covering both the technologies and their applications.

Printed Electronics

Printed and flexible electronics have become of vital interest to a variety of industries including consumer goods, advertising, chemicals, printing, electronics, military, healthcare and publishing. The fourth annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics Asia event brings together these industries and technology developers. At the keynote session, companies like adidas will be presenting on their developments in smart fabrics technologies, while DuPont and Toppan will be presenting their latest materials and manufacturing developments. Toppan in specific will be addressing issues relating to the development of thin film transistor circuits for the e-reader market while DuPont will be discussing policy issues for environmental, sustainable future electronic technologies.
Flexible displays are a key area covered at the event, with presentations addressing different types of technologies such as electrophoretic from E Ink and Bridgestone, electrowetting from Liquavista and cholesteric liquid crystals from Kent Displays, giving attendees the opportunity to assess all different types of reflective technologies competing in the development of low power displays.

WSN, Energy harvesting & RFID

Reflecting the development of wireless sensors, using both traditional RFID-based technology and new mesh network-based technology, this event will explore wireless locating and sensing. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), will be used to automatically monitor building occupancy and climate control, oil and gas pumping, industrial manufacturing control, traffic, hospitals and much more over wide areas in the coming years. The WSN industry will grow rapidly to exceed two billion dollars in yearly sales in the next ten years and about six billion dollars during the following ten years.

Dust networks, the EnOcean alliance and Schneider electric are some of the companies presenting their developments on the field of wireless sensors as well as associated technologies being developed. A large part of the applications being made possible with WSN are made possible only when reliable energy harvesting is developed hence, these technologies and their advances are being covered at the event. Magnetoelectric and piezoelectric energy harvesting from Peking University, vibration harvesters from Hong Kong university and other related electronics components from companies like Sinoceramics are being developed to support the budding WSN industry and will be described in detail.

RFID is also taking centre stage at the conference, with developments from UR RFID and LSCM giving an overview of industry activities in Hong Kong.

Exhibition, seminars & company visits

Finally, alongside the conference, the exhibition floor will feature Printed Electronics, RFID and energy harvesting in action, giving attendees the opportunity to see all these technologies and talk to their developers. For further insights into the inner workings of technology developers, the day before and the day after the main conference, company tours will take attendees to ASTRI's Product Failure Lab, the Solar Energy Technology Support Centre and the Hong Kong RFID centre. On the same days, seminars from the industry experts will give all those that attend an overview of the range of technologies covered during the 2-day conference, from energy harvesting and thin film photovoltaics, to displays & lighting, energy harvesting & RFID.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit the conference website:

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Printed Electronics Asia 2010 | October 13-14 | Hong Kong

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