ProSIM Engineering your designs

ProSIM is a total engineering solution provider, an interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists providing collaborative engineering and R&D services in product and process design / development / re-engineering / analysis and optimization.

ProSIM adds value to its customers through the domain expertise in several technology areas related to automotive, aerospace, power plant, general engineering and bio medical engineering companies. Advanced finite element analysis, mathematical modeling, and development of customized software tools, manufacturing process simulation, process/tool and die verification to reduce the process / product development time and cost.

The areas of work include General Engineering Design and Analysis (CAD,CAE, FEM, CFD), Multi Disciplinary Optimization, Fatigue Fracture& Durability, Remaining Life Assessment & Extension, Multi body Dynamics & Manufacturing Simulation.

Development of alternative / new processes, optimization of existing processes in manufacturing operations such as forging, casting, heat treatment, welding, metal forming / drawing, powder forming / compaction etc., to improve the yield, reduce the cycle time. Rapid process development, virtual prototyping are the activities.

Work at ProSIM is spread in the following areas:

> Engineering Design and Analysis

  • CAD/Meshing / FEM / CFD

> Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Objective Optimisation

  • Weight Reduction
  • Performance enhancement

> Fatigue Fracture and Durability

  • Life estimation (cycles for crack initiation)
  • Crack Propagation and Failure
  • Repair strategy evaluation
  • Remaining life assessment /extension
  • Effect of residual stresses on life
  • LCF/ HCF interaction
  • Creep fatigue interaction

> Welding Simulation

  • Residual stress estimation
  • Distortion prediction
  • Weld sequence optimization
  • HAZ modeling

> Metal Forming and Manufacturing Simulation

  • Sheet metal forming / stamping /deep drawing
  • Forming of tailor welded blanks (TWB)
  • Hydro forming
  • Forging
  • Casting

> Multi-Body Dynamics

  • Full vehicle Dynamics
  • Engine dynamics
  • Transmission design
  • Rail /wheel interaction
  • Landing gears / clap
  • Wind mill
  • Mechanisms & Robatics

> Composites Material Analysis

> Electromagnetic field analysis

> Wear Simulation

> NVH Studies

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ProSIM is a distributor to JMAG FEM software in India. 

JMAG has powerful features for coupling the electromagnetic field analysis with circuit, thermal, and structural analyses.

To fully capture the complex phenomena occurring in an electric device, it is important to carefully consider all the assumptions that will be made in the model. A coupled analysis allows the complex phenomenon to be accurately represented for a thorough simulation.

Coupling with a Circuit

When analyzing an electric device, the power supply or controller that drives the device cannot be separated from the device. JMAG offers features for coupling the magnetic field and the circuit for simultaneous simulation using the built in circuit simulator. JMAG can also be linked to some standard circuit/control simulation software such as MATLAB/Simulink and PSIM.

Thermal Analysis

JMAG's thermal analysis capability allows the coupling of the magnetic field analysis with a thermal analysis with eddy currents, iron loss and coil joule losses as heat sources. The magnetic field analysis can also include the temperature-varying properties of magnetic materials and conductors for a full 2-way coupling. 

Coupling with Structural Analysis

JMAG’s structural analysis solver takes as input the electromagnetic force calculated from the electromagnetic field analysis to determine the stress distribution, vibration, and radiated sound distribution. JMAG also supports the use of the stress distribution in the electromagnetic analysis to determine the stress-dependent magnetization properties of materials.

and many more .... 

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