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Email us to mail@evhub.biz to get in touch with us

Wanna Be a EVHUB blogger?

Are you interested in Web, Advertising and Technology? Do you want to be a pillar of EVHUB? Well then just send us your guest article along with your name, phone no and email to mail@evhub.biz. If we like what we see then we shall make you a permanent Contributor and a member of EVHUB team and what’s more you shall be paid Rs.200 per post! More details below!

What Kind of Content do we look for?

We look for content around green technologies, engineering, career guidance, be it news views or reviews or even tips and tools. Articles related to mobile, internet, social media and entertainment can also acceptable. Events like Auto expos, conferences and news on upcoming events is also welcome. Product reviews can include automobiles and electric vehicles in India and around the world.

Where my articles will be published?

You can see your articles in the following blogs







Terms and conditions

·         The articles/posts should be of fresh thoughts and no target for number of articles to be written per month.

·         EVHUB.IN will be owner of these posts and one should link back to EVHUB.IN while using the content in their portals or blogs which is applicable even to our bloggers.

·         Article should have minimum 250 words to qualify for moderation and publishing. Only if your post is approved it is liable for payment.

·         Rs. 200/- will be paid for each article within 10 days of the date of publishing. Online transfer is preferred.

·         EVHUB.IN reserves the right to reject a submitted article and you won’t get any payment for submitting the post for review.

So how do I get started?

If you are not a EVHUB blogger yet, you can send email a sample article written by you for initial screening to mail@evhub.biz 

Comments or questions are welcome.

Our Team

Sireesha Murali - Co-founder 

Ashok Palteru - Web designer