Mahindra and Mahindra to launch its Electric Maxximo by October , 2010.

Mahindra and Mahindra is set to launch the electric version of its commercial vehicle Maxximo by this year October. It has the capacity of 90 km per full charge and charging time of around 8 hours. Mahindra is planning for electric two wheelers. Electric Maxximo vehicle was unveiled in Auto Expo 2010 by M&M. 

Mahindra is Indian based two wheeler to four wheeler company looking to foray into electric vehicle segment keeping in the rise in popularity of electric auto concept. Whole Auto Industry is planning to develop their own electric version of their already on road vehicle models. Other companies in this line are Tata Motors planning for Electric Nano, one tonner Ace. 

REVA already into 2-seater electric cars now looking for 4 seater and joined hands with GM for technology. 

This move is good on the part of companies to become competitive among their counterparts , once the urgency of electric vehicle requirement comes due to the global issues like fuel shortage , global warming etc.