Best practices while using electric bikes

Electric bike are most common form of transportation in China. India is seen as future hub for e-bikes business. Within 3 years India now has more than 125 EV companies. This business is growing steadily but still in nascent stage due to various factors. Most important factor is ignorance of the end user towards EV technology. Hence this article concentrates on the providing best practices while using e-bikes.

Before understanding e-bike’s best practices, Let us understand its concept first. Electric bike has five major components – Battery, Motor, Controller, Charger and Converter. Let us understand the basic functions of these components. Battery is the energy source to power the drive train of e-bike and the functioning of the lighting accessories. Motor drives the wheel taking the instruction from power electronic base controller. Charger is used to charge the Battery. DC-DC converter is used to reduce to standard voltage sufficient to automotive accessories.

Practice the following points to use your e-bike in a better, safer and comfortable way.

1.       Keep the prescribed air pressure in tires to get the maximum drive.

2.       Don’t discharge the battery fully. Frequent deep discharging will reduce the battery life.

3.       Keep the battery in full charged condition when the bike is in idle condition for longer duration.

4.       While charging, first connect the charging plug to battery and the input socket to mains then switch on the mains. This will reduce the charger failures.

5.       Use full throttle while crossing the roads for safety purpose but ride in lower speed to increase your drive range.

6.       Use only prescribed load and don’t overload the bike.

7.       Service the motor at least once after rainy season.

8.       Check the connectors between motor and controller periodically. Replace the connectors if melted.

9.       Frequently check the functionality of accessories for safety purpose.

10.   Check the electrical & mechanical brake operation. Check if the motor is electrically off when the brake is pressed.

11.   Most important is “PLAN” you drive keeping the charging time in mind. This will protect the user from being struck on road due to full discharge of the battery.


If the above points are followed without fail, you can have better drive range, durability of the bike and the battery. 

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