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1.   Brief explanation of e-bike components ( As per Indian Electric bike market )

ARAI (Automotive research association of India ) & CMVR ( Central Motor vehicle rules )

Both ARAI and CMVR govern the automotive regulations in India. Every electric bike should be approved by ARAI before coming on to road and are classified as follows  

·         Less than 250W power & Less than 25 KMPH speed will be exempted by ARAI from License, registration. Hence the additional costs for registration are reduced by buying this type of bike and no license required for the driver.

·         Greater than 250W power & more than 25 KMPH speed will have to get tested by ARAI & CMVR for various tests and then available on roads.

Hence before buying any vehicle, you much ensure if that vehicle is exempted from ARAI or approved by CMVR based on its speed and power requirement explained above.




Battery is the power source for an electric bike (like the fuel for convectional bikes).

There are three battery technologies

·         Li-ion ( Lithium Ion )

Li-ion battery has high power delivering capacity for unit volume, but very costly. These are maintenance free batteries.

·         Ni-Cad ( Nickel Cadmium )

These are also maintenance free batteries with more power capability.

·         SLA ( Sealed Lead acid )

Lead acid is cheaper but has low power delivering capability for unit volume. Hence these batteries are bulkier and heavier. Basic lead acid batteries have to be maintained but its next version Sealed lead acid batteries are sealed and no need of any maintenance. This type of batteries is extensively being used in electric bike industry in developing countries. Sealed lead acid batteries also called as Valve regulated Lead acid batteries. This type of batteries are non-spill type and non-hazardous to the driver.  


More the Ampere hour (AH) , more will be the range for charge. In some electric bikes, battery pack is kept in a plastic box and can be detachable from the bike for charging purposes. But in some bikes, the battery pack will be under the seat cover and cannot be detachable.

Currently in India, the Electric Scooters manufacturers are using Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

a.        24V12AH being used for E-cycles,

b.       48V 20AH & 60V 20AH for E-scooters applications.

Manufacturers giving 6 months warranty for the batteries.

Before buying an electric bike, ensure what type of battery being used in the bike, warranty or guarantee conditions, maintenance requirement.



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