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Electric Bike Buyer's Guide




Purpose of this Guide

This guide provides you the necessary technical details and general guidelines for buying an electric bike for your requirement. A little technical knowledge is sufficient for understanding this manual.

Green revolution has started in the world, we can see many electric bike companies are evolving now. At present China constitutes a share of 70% of world electric bikes and India is seen as future destination for EV companies. Currently there are 45 electric bike companies in India selling their electric bikes. You can browse this link for the companies list – http://www.evhub.biz/ebikehome .

Keeping in view the advantages of electric bikes in controlling the climatic changes, many other countries are promoting their usage. This manual is restricted to electric two wheelers only.

No doubt, Electric Bike is an entirely new technology to this world after the 100 years of monarchy by the convectional fuel vehicles. Hence a little education is required to the costumers about this new technology before they commit to buy an electric bike. Hence EVHUB.BIZ has compiled this free book for the prospective customers to guide them while selecting their electric bike.

This guide will help you to understand what questions to be asked and what to be noted when searching for an E-bike.

How to use this Guide:

Before you start reading, you need to know how to use this guide. You will be taught the technical terminology being used in subsequent pages, we explained the basic understanding of various components of electric bikes, state of art technical specifications of these component and finally various questions to asked while buying an electric bike.

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