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     Battery Chargers

Battery Charger uses power electronic technology. Please find the charger picture in fig-1 for your reference.

a.        Various Battery chargers used in India for e-bike applications are 48V 2.5A, 48V 3A, 48V 5A, 60V 2.5A.

b.       Once the battery is fully charged, the charging current automatically reduces to minimum and hence the charger won’t get damaged in that condition.


Please ensure the Warranty for the battery charger before buying your electric bike. Generally they give one year warranty.



     Brushless Hub Motor


There are many types of electric motors around us like, DC Motors, Induction motors, synchronous motors which are called as convectional motors. Brushless DC Motors are next version of DC Motors and has many advantages like smooth operation, high power delivering capacity, high torque for low volume etc. More over it requires no maintenance.

Generally the motor is embedded in to the rear rim as shown in the figure below. Hence it is also called Hub Motor.

Following are the basic technical information related to Brushless Dc motors used

c.        Two different types of motors are being used – HUB motor & Geared Motor.

d.       Hub & geared motors with 100W, 150W, 180W and 250W are used for Electric Cycle applications. ( ARAI exemption needed for this so that it comes under No-License & No-registration , No- Road tax criteria ) 

e.       Hub & Geared motors with 250W, 350W, 500W, 800W are used for Electric Scooters applications. (CMVR approval needed for these bikes to be on road. License , road tax , registration are required )

f.         More the motor power more will be the pick-up and better climbing capability on sloppy roads.

g.        For a given battery power, if we use powerful motor, the driving range reduces.


Please ensure the Warranty for the Brushless Hub motor before buying your electric bike. Generally they give one year warranty. 

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