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Important questions to be noted while purchasing the electric bike!

1.       Make sure if the bike you are interested has been approved by ARAI and CMVR. Ask for documents or certificate if applicable.


2.       What is the maximum load capability on the bike for the specified drive range?


3.       What is the maximum speed of the electric bike?


4.       What is the maximum power of the electric bike?


5.       What type of motor being used in the bike?


6.       What is the maximum drive range of the bike for one charge and at what speed?


7.       What is the maximum time consumed for each charge?


8.       How is the after sales service being given at the dealer end? If possible check if any test setup available at the dealer end.


9.       Have a test ride and check if any abnormal noise, wheel wobbling while driving it. If there is no abnormal noise, then you can select it.


10.    Check for ground clearance and ensure it is not the issue while driving on the speed breakers.


11.    Check if the speedometer is working properly or not. There should not be any oscillation in the pointer while drive.


12.    Check if the battery charge indication is there or not on the dash board of the bike.


13.    Check what all the additional value added features available with the bike and ask for rechecking their operation before buying it. Check the bikes light operations also.


14.    Make sure the availability of spares for after sales service and check for the spares inventory at dealer end.


15.    Ensure if the bike can climb the common flyovers in your city


16.    Make sure the warranty and terms & conditions for various components – battery, charger, motor, controller, converter.


17.    Make sure to apply for insurance for the bike while buying the electric bike.



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