2009/10/26 - EV News updates

Green Inc. Column A Cascade of Plug-In Efficiencies
New York Times
Conventional automakers — most of which are racing to produce their own electric cars — are retooling existing plants to make the new vehicles. ...
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Tokyo's 7 wonderful, weird vehicles
Detroit Free Press
Phiaro Group's compact three-seater electric vehicle, P70t CONCH. A Japan Automobile Research Institute employee demonstrates the Cta electric vehicle at ...
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Ford chairman calls for a concerted push on electric cars
Houston Chronicle
We have real vehicles. We've placed big bets. And they start coming off the line next year.” Ford's first commercial electric vehicle, a battery-powered ...
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UPDATE 1-SK Energy to supply car batteries for Daimler unit
Amid the global push for green energy and strong prospects for electric vehicles, SK is pinning hopes on auto batteries and other clean energy for its ...
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Electric cars to be assembled in central New York
ALBANY - Bannon Automotive, LLC, will locate its plug-in electric vehicle manufacturing site in Central New York. The company will invest $26.6 million to ...
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'Electric vehicle awareness' theme for Clean Fuels event
Tennessee Journalist
The event included examples of electric cars and other vehicles, games, and more. Among the organizations there with electric cars were The Electric Power ...
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Electric car-maker to build vehicles at Del. plant
The Associated Press
The head of the California-based producer of electric vehicles said earlier this week that officials would soon announce a US manufacturing site. ...
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Federal Energy Bill Provides $1 Million for San Francisco Electric Vehicle Program
California Chronicle
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - San Francisco will receive $1 million for the city´s electric vehicle program as part of the energy funding bill passed by Congress this ...
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Toyota, Lexus Applaud 'Green' Entertainment at 20th Anniversary Environmental ...
In late 2009, 500 Prius Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHV) will roll off the line for a global demonstration program. Lease fleet customers will be ...
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Nissan: electric vehicles need big taxpayer boost
Mark McDade, Nissan Canada's electric vehicle (EV) project manager, says that without government help on a range of fronts, the electric-battery car is not ...
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