The Surge in Electric Cars
Wall Street Journal
... offering its all-electric Roadsters for nearly two years and is still the only company selling highway-capable electric vehicles to consumers in volume. ...
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Triple Pundit
Toyota Now Wants to be Your Electric Car Company, Too
Triple Pundit
... the hybrid car market with its best-selling Prius, Toyota declined, quite publicly, to join the rush into all electric and plug-in electric vehicles...
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Battle Continues Over Oklahoma Tax Credits for Electric Cars
News On 6
Electric Cars, who initially filed a suit against the Oklahoma Tax Commission over the stateelectric vehicle tax credit, said it would take the case ...
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Mitsubishi and BMW participate in electric car trial event
BMW's Mini E car trial earlier began in Oxford where 40 drivers tested the 
electric vehicle. BMW informed that the trial, which will run for six months, ...
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All Londoners will be within a mile of electric car charge point, says Mayor
Energy Efficiency News
London is currently home to 1700 
electric vehicles and 240 charging points. But the Mayor's plans to make the city the electric car capital of Europe would ...
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ZAP Enters China Electric Vehicle Market With Holley Group, the Global Leader ...
CNNMoney.com (press release)
Named ZAP Hangzhou, the new company plans to design and manufacture 
electric vehicles and develop infrastructure technology for the Chinese market. ...
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Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs)
Energy and Capital (blog)
tax credits for neighborhood 
electric vehicles (NEVs). Of course, it wasn't an in-depth, detailed report on the pros and cons of offering people incentives ...
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TheCarConnection.com (blog)
Seven Things You Didn't Know About the 2010 Tesla Roadster
TheCarConnection.com (blog)
... every time someone said the words "electric vehicle". * If you want to quibble, there were at least two previous vehicles that used lithium-ion cells. ...
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Audi Tells Obama, “Forget Plug-Ins, Think Biodiesel”
Domestic Fuel
The top executive at Audi's US offices says American political leaders need to think less about plug-in
electric vehicles and more about vehicles that run ...
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GreenAngel Energy Announces Additional Contracts and Progress
SYS-CON Media (press release)
Delaware Power Systems, which has produced the world's first universal battery module platform for
electric vehicles, recently entered into a battery supply ...
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