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    Date: 22.08.10 

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World is in crisis now due to lot of environmental issues, temperatures are rising in various parts of the world. Major contributors of this menace are Energy and automotive sectors. Since last 100 years the situation is accumulating and now we must do something for controlling the global warming.

Hence nowadays “Going Green” is the trend for many companies. Many automotive leaders are investing on R&D in Electric Vehicle sector and developed electric car prototypes. Still these vehicles are yet to be commercialized.

Electric bike concept is buzzing around in India for last 5 years. Currently in India there are more than 50 electric bike companies (Ref: EVHUB.IN web portal) distributed around India and operating locally. These companies includes both organized and unorganized sector. Post economy slump, electric bikes market is booming in India but rate of growth is less significant. There are various reasons effecting the e-bike market in India and are as follow

·         Costumers’ inertia to change from convectional automobiles.

·         Lack of knowledge on Electric Vehicles concept, working.

·         No common platform to represent Electric Vehicles companies.



EVHUB.IN - The first ever online information, media, Business to Business (B2B), Business to costumer (B2C) website portal exclusively for Electric vehicles. EVHUB.IN  has been launched to solve the above stated issues by

·         Building a common platform for EV and spare part manufacturers to meet and do business. We help small industries to grow.

·         Provide best interactive forums for discuss EV related issues.

·         Providing our expert review of various electric bikes on road. Providing authentic product information to our visitors and helping them to choose their dream vehicle.

·         Publishing News & informative articles to keep our visitors updated to latest happenings in Electric Vehicles in India and around world.

·         Conducting events (i.e. article writing contests) among visitors to enable the thought process among people to work towards electric vehicles and reduce global warming.

·         Helping innovative ideas get noticed and appreciated.


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