REVA Electric car co. to launch two new electric cars ( REVA NXR & REVA NXG ) next year


Bangalore based REVA electric car co. going to launch two new electric cars next year. The two cars will be REVA NXR ( Next revolution ) & REVA NXG ( Next generation ). They are going to start a new plant for manufacturing these vehicles. 

REVA NXR will be a 4 sear , 2 door family car. This model is planned to roll out by mod 2010. 
REVA NXG will be a sporty 2 seater designed by famous automotive designer Dilip Chabbria. This model is planned to roll out by mid 2011. 
These two models were diplayed at Franfurt Auto show recently. 
Export version of NXR will be with Li-ion battery with a top speed of 104 kmph and a driving range of 160 km per single charge. 
Its Lead acid varient will be sold in Indian market which will have a top speed of 80kmph and 80 km per charge.
REVA has recently teamed up with GM to build electric spark car. - know more 
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