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The SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURERS OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES (SMEV) was formed in New Delhi to provide common platform for promotion, development and advancement of the interests of the EV Manufacturers and other key stakeholders contributing to the category in India and abroad.

Currently SMEV comprises of 30 members from:

·         Electric- Four /Three Wheeler Manufacturers

·         Electric- Two Wheeler Manufacturers

·         Electric Vehicle -Auto Components Manufacturers

Key objectives of SMEV are

1.       To create a common platform for Electric vehicle companies  to

a.       To promote, develop the interests of EV manufacturers.

b.      To share of latest domestic and international developments, views, ideas for development and safeguarding the interest of the industry.

c.       To represent the electrical vehicle industry in dealing with government agency.

d.       To hold workshops, seminars, conferences, discussion and meetings on the subjects   relevant to electric vehicles.

e.      To develop contracts and work in cooperation with various other National and  International institutions, bodies and organisations.

f.        To provide a platform for debate and discussion, and act as a medium for dissemination of information and documents for building awareness amongst the consumers about electric vehicles.

Hero Electric took the initiative to constitute the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles – (SMEV) in 2008


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