Subsidy for battery operated vehicles - Experiences by Mr. Ananth, M.M.technologies, mysore

This is the email response from Mr. Anant, owner of electric cycle company based in Mysore. These are his experiences while trying to get the subsidy.  

Many of us are aware that MNRE has announced subsidy for Battery Operated Vehicles. It is a very good move from the Government and must be beneficial for the ultimate users.  However there are certain terms and conditions to avail the subsidy. But it is something like "If God gives boon, the priest is not ready"., here the priest is the SMEV.
I approached SMEV on 27th of last month reg the membership details, the SMEV were silent and again when i approached them over mobile phone i was assured that the details will be sent thru the email. I got an email 10th of this month and the SMEV quoted fancy membershilp fees which are not affordable by a small timer, then the last date of membership was 13th of this month.  This very clearly shows that the government is very keen to provide the subsidy assistance but the SMEV are not ready to entertain any new member., with their unaffordable membership fees and closing dates of membership.
In my case our industry is based at Mysore (Karnataka State)., the SMEV decided to close the membership on 13th, i had returned to Mysore on morning of 10th of this month and 11th being saturday it is half a day for the Bank, 12th is sunday, it is a real surprise that how a society can fix up all these hush push.  It is a clear case that the SMEV is a money making lobby., SMEV are not ready to entertain any small timer and to keep the small industries away., they have done things in a hurry, i really wonder why a society requires that much of membership fees which are exhorbitant. 
Then the SMEV membership application form is full of commercial details of the applicant and the fees.  This clearly represents the intention of the SMEV., that it doesnot require any technical details and wish to know technical capability of a member or an applicant. I think the government should derecognise this SMEV in the interest of general public and this Society may take the general public for a Ramsom.
The benefits declared by the government may not reach the users of Battery Operated Vehicles., because of the SMEV.
MM Technologies

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