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Lectrix motors - e1 model


Review Lectrix e1

 Reviews of Lectrix e-1 model 

This bike is heavy ( 85KG ) but speed doesn't exceed 25 KMPH. 

There are many drawbacks observed in this bike which are as follows 
1. The battery box is provided under the seat cover which doesn't allow the user to separate the batteries from bike which charging. This is an inconvieneance to the costumers who live in apartments. 
2. Brake shoes of the drum brake wears off too quickly.  
3. The connectors used for connecting its motor and controller are not of automotive grade and arevulnarable to get disconnect while bike in motion. A junction box provided to fix the connectors but it will create problem during puncture repair. 
4. During tyre puncture repair, one need to remove all the connectors between motor and controllers. 

Advantages: Look of the bike 


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