Technical , Management, Online marketing & Job consultancy, Student projects, Career counselling

We offer the following services which is beneficial for companies, students and job aspirants

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  • Technical consultancy
    • Electric vehicles technologies, Brushless DC Motors design and development, Electrical engineering
    • Mechanical engineering applications
    • Power electronics, embedded technologies for various applications
  • Management consultancy
    • Startup guidance and mentoring, Online & E-commerce business setup
    • Presentations and guest lectures ( Technical & management )
    • Google apps usage & website design using this application
  • Online Marketing & lead generation
    • Lead generation to various technology products like EVs, softwares, green products like solar, wind power products.
  • Student projects
    • Student projects related electrical engineering topics, electric vehicles & renewable energy topics. We guide students from selecting the project, execution, project report preparation and guiding practical implementation.
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  • Career consultancy & counselling
    • We help students to take right step in your career and guide them to grow in their careers in early stage of their life.
  • Job consultancy
    • Our network in vast in technology field and hence can help you getting the right job. Email us your resume to  and we find the right job for you. 
  • Paid Information services
    • Market research information related electric vehicles in India
    • Electric vehicle companies, product details and reviews

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