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Positive impacts of job changing

One person has worked as a door-to-door salesman, a receptionist, an administrator, a PR, and an account handler. He has moved between industries including shipping, events, architecture, catering and law. So does this have a negative impact on his CV? Or it gives him a wide range of experience?
Candidates with several jobs, know about the different work cultures followed in different companies. Also, employers know candidates who have had different jobs can work in a variety of environments and cultures so will fit in easily. 
So, you need not worry about being called fickle minded or a job hopper. Switching jobs is perfectly fine as long as it's done sensibly and with justifiable reasons. Just choose wisely where you want yourself to see in future. Job change should be a case when current job is boredom, low paying, less satisfying, lack of advancement, lack of appreciation, personal conflicts with a supervisor or co-worker, unfair treatment, unchallenged, no improvement seems in sight and many other reasons.
So, if you change job and move to another company, do it for more logical reasons like:
• Better opportunity with more responsibilities
• Higher designation with clearly defined roles
• Good salary hike
• Excitement and the desire to learn new things
• Relocation to a better city/ country
In contrast to many beliefs, job changing may be as good due to following reasons: 
• By shifting jobs, you can build a strong network of people. This can be your key to earn more professional respect and secure a job, whenever you need. Keep your contacts alive and don't burn your bridges. 
• You can build different skills for your career enhancement.
• If you want to try something else after a long stint at a particular job, hopping can make the transition easy.
While switching between one professional position and another can give you more skills, constant hopping will begin to ring alarm bells for recruiters. A job change might be beneficial if you're unhappy, bored, and unchallenged, and no improvement seems in sight. 
It might be good if there's no prospect for advancement at the particular company where you work. It might be good if you want to completely break out of your current career.
Whatever be the reason for changing jobs, the decision should be a rational decision - not an emotional one. And money alone, unless it's a great deal of money, shouldn't be the sole factor for leaving a job.
If you do decide to make a change, you might first want to look at job opportunities within your current company. Sometimes it's easier to make a lateral move inside the company than to leave the company altogether. Some companies actually prefer hiring workers they know from within rather than gambling on outside applicants they don't know.
If you decide to move out of the organization, then be thorough with the following points:
• Company's work culture: Try to find out all the possible facts about the company and the working environment. Find out whether you can grow financially and technically rather than make you dependent or make you search for another job right after certain period.

• Salary Packages: Check out what salary package they are offering you and out of which, how much money you will be getting in hand (after deduction of certain taxes on the salary). You also need to think if your current salary is better than the one you have been offered.

• Future Increments in Salary: Even if your current salary is less than what you are going to get in the new company, just check out if you are due for your next salary increment?
If YES, then how soon will you get it?
Along with this, you also need to check out, how long it will take for the salary rise in your new company. This will really help you in making it sure that after certain period in future, you will get a proper salary.

Keeping all the above points in mind, decide about your future plans. Remember, stability is when you have a life where you can do what you love, during your life.

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