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Scenario of science and technology

Science and technology has vast applications today. There are so many job options available, that one will get lost while finding one.  Confusion starts when you know what field you want to be in, but aren't sure which career within that occupation to choose.

This is an era for science and technology. For the longer term,  science and technology is helping to tackle the many challenges from wide range of sphere.  Many problems like purification and cleaning  water, air, environment, using high end technology in computers, machines, automobiles etc. are dealt.

Hence it is clear that science and technology can spur innovation, transform existing industries, create new business models and give birth to entire new. The scale of potential impact has led to a massive increase in science funding from the public and private sector globally. This increased funding is fuelling the growth of opportunities to work in existing disciplines, in emerging sectors and in the jobs of the future which will result from developments on the horizon.

Concept that science provides the ideas for technological innovations and that pure research is therefore essential for any significant advancement in industrial civilization. Most of the greatest changes in industrial civilization cannot be traced in the laboratory. Fundamental tools and processes in the fields of mechanics, chemistry, astronomy, metallurgy, and hydraulics were developed before the laws governing their functions were discovered. The steam engine, for example, was commonplace before the science of thermodynamics elucidated the physical principles underlying its operations.

In recent years a sharp value distinction has grown up between science and technology. Advances in science have frequently had their bitter opponents, but today many people have come to fear technology much more than science. For these people, science may be perceived as a serene, objective source for understanding the eternal laws of nature, whereas the practical manifestations of technology in the modern world now seem to them to be out of control.

This representative spectrum of future science and technology developments and highlighting the kinds of jobs that could emerge as a result. We recognise that many of these developments could be considered contentious. Naturally, serious consideration will be required of the broader societal implications of these developments.