Phoenix Motorcars

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Chairman & CEO

Daniel J. Elliott

President & COO

Alexander S. Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Hogan

Vice President Corporate Development

Kent Redwine

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Bryon Bliss

Vice President of Engineering

Yooncho Park

Chief Mechanical Engineer

W. Jeff Ulrich

Chief Electrical Engineer

Rick Reinhard



Mailing Address & Phone

401 S. Doubleday Avenue
Ontario, CA 91761



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Estimated Production:








Registration & Certifications:

Registered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a manufacturer of motor vehicles (WMI: 1P9/481). California Vehicle Manufacturer License #40088.



Market Entry Strategy:

Targets fleet operators in the State of California, particularly electric utility companies, universities, and municipal and state fleet operators. $10B market in California with 225,000 new passenger cars and light-duty trucks sold as fleet vehicles annually. Fleet sales facilitate vehicle and parts distribution; service is performed in a controlled environment and allows the opportunity for vehicle data acquisition and ensures a controlled range of all electric vehicle models.


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