Webpage design & Google apps setup

Our Objective is to make even a small EV related business online and gain exposure to global costumer.

Want to own a website and wondering how to proceed?

Don't Worry, Leave it to us. Let us do the Google Apps setup and configure it quickly. We even help you decide what configuration is right for your business or personal websites. 
Web design services are provided by EVHUB.BIZ to facilitate budding entreprenuers who are looking for a global reach with a cheaper and reliable platform , Internet. 

What we need from you?
We just need the following inputs from you -
  • Your idea behind setting up the website.
  • Required database to fill the website pages - hard copy / soft copy.
  • We can develop content for you if required. 
What we do for you?
  • We buy a website for you by confirming the required name from you.
  • We setup the website configuration, email, docs, calender, create email adresses for your employees. 
  • Training up the maintenance & handing over the control to you.
Daily updates and Maintenance costs can be fixed up by discussions. 

Contact us for an enquiry & quotation

Location: Coimbatore , Tamilnadu 
( Our service has no geographical boundaries)

Contact person: Ms. Sireesha Murali , Co-founder , EVHUB.BIZ 

Contact no.:  09655268533 

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